Viral Energy Sparks

Claim Wellness

You so readily give away your power. You so readily claim your disease: “Please pray for a healing for my cancer.” In called it “my cancer”, you are claiming it. What you might have forgotten through separation from the Whole, is that you have the power to create your health or your disease. You are a powerful creator. You are part of the body of all of Life and you have the power at your will.

Keep your agreement with Life in mind; what is it that you choose to create with your life? What’s your unique contribution?

Now, repeat this mantra to yourself daily, out loud, “Dear Life, we are in an agreement together that I use my life to __________________________. We have much left to do and I am utilizing the health of my physical body. I have no further use for sickness and for that reason I no longer accept any force that is incongruent with my powerful purpose and intention. Dear cells of my body, I claim our total wellness. My dear immune system, it is my will that you engage the full power and connectivity of all of Life; utilize Life Force to supercharge my body’s total wellness mode. I claim my wellness. I claim my complete health. I claim my body be light energy, in the fulfillment of my breathtaking agreement with Life.”