Viral Energy Sparks

6 Things That Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Pets are interlopers. A pet’s job in life is to open compassion from humans to animals, and to the natural world as a whole. They do this by way of the empathy that we feel for them, and the connection that we feel with them. They call us to love and care for them, nothing more and nothing less. While cows and birds and dolphins (you get the idea) have messages for us about the oneness of Life; pets have another unique purpose—they provide easily relatable and comedic examples of energy balancing techniques that help us with daily life. Check out these 6 things that your dog is trying to tell you:

#1 Relax

Here’s a new meditation practice for you—watch a dog sleep. When your dog is sleeping, they are the vision of how to balance the energy of your body and mind. Sit with a sleeping dog, be at peace with them, and learn to relax.


#2 Think Less; Play More

Stress is not a thing, it’s a thought. Stress is something that you create by thinking about things that have a negative association for you. A dog’s life might not be perfect either, but they don’t ruminate over their deficiencies or gripes. If you can’t turn your mind off, try doing the opposite of thinking. Since you’ve grown up you think too much, and you have forgotten why playing is so important. It’s about balance. All work and no play, makes you incongruent with nature (and therefore out a wack with what you say that you wanted from Life!). But you don’t need me to tell you; ask your dog.


#3 Breath Deeply

The health and mental wellness benefits of deep breathing are well-known, it’s the key to yoga and meditation and general stress-relief. So, what does your dog know about breathing that you’ve been missing? Breath deeply, and while you’re doing it—stop and smell the roses! Notice the small things and don’t let them pass you by.


#4 Sigh Sometimes, Because It Feels Good

You have probably been told by others not to sigh. People interpret sighing as: frustration, boredom, anger, or displeasure. But your dog knows better. Sighing is a stress reliever and do you know why? Sighing allows you to ‘shake it off,’ and let heavy energy out. Sighing, dancing, a good head or body shake, and exercise—these are all excellent modalities to release built up heavy energy. So sigh if you want to!


#5 Physical Touch Is Nice, And Necessary

We need cuddling and touch and we sometimes ignore this part of our spirit. But a dog will rub up against you and smash a juicy mouth right into your hand. Yep, they’ll tell you what they need. Show more affection to get more affection. You need it.


#6 Smile With Your Eyes and An Open Mouth

We have become posers. Hey, I do it too, but the reality is that we have learned over time how to smile, and we tend to do it with closed teeth, and no participation from the windows of our soul—our eyes. When you were a baby you smiled with an open mouth and no care for how you looked, your eyes sparkled with corners creased upwards. If you don’t remember how, spend time with a child or your dog—they do it without even trying, and it feels so good.