Viral Energy Sparks

Live Like Pando

There is a massive forest of aspen tree in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest that stretches over 100 acres. It was discovered that the trees of this forest share a root system, which means that they are not separate individuals at all; they are one single genetic individual with thousands upon thousands of stems. These stems have a ‘life cycle’, they experience a time above the ground appearing as individuals, they ‘die’, and other units sprout.

When health or disease or drought is experience by any stem, naturally the whole of the organism is affected. Scientists call the organism, Pando, and have documented Pando as the largest organism on Earth. Interestingly enough, while Pando is a fairly new discovery for mankind, they have been alive for between 80,000 and one million years, yet we don’t know for sure because our knowledge of life is so limited. In fact, there are many Pando-like forests that we now know about, and numerous organisms that appear to be vast numbers of individuals that we now know to be one being. We are awakening to the strange and beautiful and magical nature of life.

We are Pando.

Your greatest purpose is to unite with Life. Your greatest opportunity is to create consciously. Your greatest challenge is that you are essentially operating in a state of limited access because you don’t recognize that on the level of energy, everything is entangled. All of Life is connected through viral energy.

Could it be that at the moment of your incarnation into this world, you forgot your oneness with the whole? Perhaps at your inception you sprouted above the Earth’s surface, appeared on the flipside of the curtain of illusion, and said, “Look at those other sprouts. I want more than them. I want to be better than them. I want to be more successful than them. How can I use them to further myself? I want as much of the rain and the sun for myself as I can attain.”

Is it possible that your first wrongdoing or misstep is to doubt that you are part of the whole? Is this the very root of all low thoughts and actions? What if you knew for certain that you are one body with trees? Or oceans and air for that matter? Would you knowingly choke out or pollute yourself? And what if it was a certainty that you are one with all people of all kind, nationalities, ethnicities, and religions—would you create war with yourself, would you loathe and fear yourself? How about if you had a divine guarantee that you are one body—one Life—with cows, dogs, cats, chickens, dolphins, rabbits, and pigs? Would you farm yourself in filthy factories and brutally slit your own neck, or have others piecemeal the unpleasant tasks even while you demand the supply of your own flesh? Would you experiment on yourself, infect yourself with diseases, gravely harm yourself simply to make marketing claims about products?

What if anything whatsoever that you did unto the Earth, other people, and animals was exactly and equally done unto you?

Doubting that you are part of the whole of Life results in energy blocks such as hatred, rage, resentment, judgment, jealousy, doubt, fear, greed, and disease. Being disconnected from Life will create heavy energy and actions, which are bi-products of your fears and doubt. Unlike the aspen whom is under perfect natural order, you have the free will to perceive yourself as separate. If that’s what you choose. But, the truth is, you are one with Life; nothing is more exciting, and wonderful, and inspiring than that!

No longer be in doubt about the roots of your misery or your happiness. Just think what you can do, be, and create when you live like Pando.

Pando Aspen Trees