Mansions Of Your Mind

There is a deeper consciousness emerging inside you. It’s like that feeling that you get when you leave the house and sense that you’re missing something. Can you feel it? You are about to remember something that will make your heart ache with joy. It will come back to you as warm sun on your face. In a reality more real that this one, you knew it very well. It was the song that you sang to yourself like a mother sings to her newborn baby. Yes, you love it that much. It was the gift that you chose when you had your pick of any under the stars. You’ve been so occupied. But you’re ready for it now. What you’re aching for was conceived in your soul and will be born in your mind, soon.

See yourself walking through a beautiful seaside town. Each home is more striking than the last, some are contemporary with tall windows and clean architectural lines, others look like grand lodges made of timber and stone, others still are ranches with brown and white painted horses grazing along wooden fences that stretch past the horizon. It’s dawning morning time and sunshine floods into barns and bedrooms alike. You begin opening doors and taking a look around. Now, you remember that you’re looking for a dear child, about five years old. Search the mansions of your mind. What else do you notice? You’re not sure exactly what the child looks like as the faces of people are fuzzy like in a dream, but (like in a dream) somehow you still know each person by their presence. You have no doubt that you will recognize the child when you find them. You keep looking, not in anxiety or desperation, but in untempered excitement.

Just now, down a long hallway of high ceilings dotted with chandeliers, you see the child at a distance. At first, you approach slowly. As you get closer you being to run towards them, your arms outstretched. Your smile is wide as you drop to your knees in front of the child and scoop them into your chest. The child giggles with joy and you hold them so close that you can feel their heart beat against your own. You notice that your heart and the child’s are beating together at the same rhythm to where you can’t tell them apart. You want to look into the child’s eyes and so you ease your embrace, and holding the child safely with your hand on their back, you look into those familiar eyes and now you remember their color and how they sparkle. So beautiful. So unguarded. So expectant.

Looking deep into the eyes of the child, like through the doorways of their soul, you ask them, “Precious One, what would you like to do? And who would you like to be? For so many years I had forgotten how I love you so. At long last, I have found you in the mansions of my mind. I know your heart as my own. Whatsoever you want, you can create. Whatsoever you can think of, you can create. You are so cherished, so wanted, so intentional. Never forget that. You can do anything. Tell me, what would you like to do? Who shall you be? Oh, what a joy it is to be you, becoming.”