Viral Energy Sparks

You Are A Powerful Creator

A very easy test of your power to manifest is by choosing a number that you’d like to see. Tell yourself that it’s a sign, and that when it pops up you will be reminded that you can and are affecting the quantum field of reality. For me, the number 23 is my number. It’s my birthdate and it denotes encouragement and that I’m on track with my mission (my birthright). I see it everywhere. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I see it, on average, about six times a day: on the clocks, on TV, street numbers, in license plates, taxi cab numbers, you name it. Two digit numbers work well. One digit is too easy, and three or more are too specific. However, 1111 or 11:11 is a special number that many people are connected to. Some say that it’s the number of masters. It happens to be my dad’s special number. My cousin Janine’s number is 33. It was the age that she was when her mother died and they had agreed before her death that it would be their number of remembrance. Once you pick a number, especially with some meaning to it, you will start to see it often. Certainly, the spirit world has a hand in it; for all intents and purposes, you and Spirit are one organism. Although, the plain and simple reason for the appearance of a chosen number is that you chose it. (You can do this with much bigger signs and symbols, too!)

When your number pops up it’s a message from you, to you. And the message is: What you believe is so. You see, 23 pops up for me in relation to the meaning that I have assigned to it. It is not only confirmation that my purpose is on track; it’s proof that I’m creating what I choose. And, so are you.