Viral Energy Sparks


Alan was a light for everyone around him, a conduit for conveying wisdom. He had no jealousy to cloud his light, and his capacity for absorbing light was ever expanding and non-resistant. He was a being of contagious light, an illuminati, kind of like a Santa Claus of viral energy, working the magic all the time. He was not handsome or rich, and not even a round and bearded elderly man. Alan was a very thin twenty-something-year-old janitor at a high school, with a lisp and lazy eye. In an act of reverse bullying, the students of the school embraced Alan, and would give him a cheerful, “Good morning, Alan,” when they passed him in the halls, and sometimes would bring him an extra snack from home. The teachers and students even got together to help celebrate Alan’s yearly birthday with heartfelt displays of balloons and cards. They felt good about their inclusion of Alan into the body and family of the school.

When Alan died suddenly in a drowning accident at twenty-eight years old, everyone grieved for him. But then, they realized that they were grieving for themselves. In the absence of his wide and bright light energy, each of the students and teachers came to understand that they had not been doing something for Alan; he had been doing something for them. It was Alan who first acknowledged each person that he passed and gave them a shiny, “Good morning!” or “Good afternoon!” or “What a beautiful day it is today!” It was Alan who first smiled at each person whom he passed. Soon they came to smile back, evolving from muttering a reply of “morning” to later an enthusiastic “Good morning, Alan!” It was Alan who was the force that moved people to kindness and mobilized their charity and goodness. It was Alan who brought the power of one to so many. It was Alan who brought out the best in others and elevated them with his light.

Do you know an illuminati? I bet you do. You likely know a few of these enlightened ones. They’re all around you, hidden in plain sight. If you don’t, keep a look out for them. They are the person who inspires you when you don’t have the words, the ideas or the fuel to get through today, a mentor who stands out among all mentors because they embody both wisdom and light. They have more than sage words; they are the one with the infectious presence, contagious joy. Illuminati are often philosophers, teachers, inventors, writers, moviemakers, playwrights, artists, and great contributors to our spiritual evolution. Here are a few famous ones that you would know by name: Mother Theresa, Maya Angelou, Princess Diana, and Mahatma Gandhi. They can also be a stranger in the supermarket or the very seemingly ordinary person seated next to you in a waiting room.

Audit the quality of light energy radiating from the people around you. Are they inspiring, well intentioned, and do they add to your joy? You can supercharge your light quality by a product of who you spend time around. I go out of my way to seek illuminati in my life. Somewhere along the way I realized that being positive within myself wasn’t enough and I needed to be around people with a presence of light and soak in the glow.

An illuminati can be anyone at anytime that adds light to your light. Lightness from others is light energy from a source outside of you. And yet, you feel it and experience the light. And because you know that you didn’t sponsor the light, and it didn’t come from you to start with, what you’re feeling is the impact of viral energy. It works exactly like through osmosis: the spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules through a semi-permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in the direction that tends to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides. Enlightenment is much more likely when your inner and outer environments are congruent with each other. It’s actually not as fancy as it sounds; it’s plainly the magic of viral energy. So, you might want to spend more time with an illuminati. Bathe in their light—it’s catchy. Just remember these three words and you can’t go wrong: I choose Light.