Viral Energy Sparks

Replacing The Big Bang Theory (And Our Obsession With Force!)

Our species is moving from the thirst for forcefully stealing power, to utilizing the energy of our internal enlightenment. As empowerment replaces power we will no longer see each other, our planet, or the universe from the perspective of aggressive force. Even the Big Bang theory, first proposed in 1927 by Georges Lemaître, will be replaced because it didn’t take quantum mechanics and viral energy into account; it couldn’t evolve with our understanding of life at the quantum scale of creation and so that theory will become extinct.

Here’s a new theory for creation, it’s called Mother Universe, Mu for short.

The concentration of light energy in the universe, while appearing to be a place of inception, is not a singular place, nor a bang, and it’s not the beginning, nor the end, but the omnipresent, powerful, and infinitely enlightened source. Mu is where light is membered, where your energy came from and where you will return, in time. She’s Pando’s momma and she didn’t appear in a violent explosion, but more of a Light bloom of creation, flowering across the universe.

Let me explain. Space and time go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or like Mickey Mouse and Minnie; they have an undeniable connection, they’re eternally interwoven. New creation energy in deep space is blooming with more creation, stretching its metaphorical elbows and moving matter in all directions.

I know this might seem counterintuitive, however that place which is currently known as the moment of the Big Bang (though perhaps will now start to become known as Mu) is the beginning and also the finish line of evolution. That spacetime coordinate is experientially the future! It’s so easy to get this turned around and to hypothesis that the “birthplace” of the universe must be the past as it happened so long ago, yet that would be wrong. At Mu, light has been around the longest, it’s true enlightenment. Worlds there are much more highly evolved than our own: they have evolved to a homogeneous balance with the physical and spiritual realms. After all, they’ve been evolving for billions of years longer than us. While this is the future from our perspective, for the Light Beings there, it’s just “now.”

So, if the future and past are interwoven with spacetime and both are happening now, why then do we experience time only as moving forward: the “arrow of time”? Even time is an illusion and here’s why. You are evolving from one creation-moment to the next. Every moment you are more evolved than the last. Just as your thoughts move in succession from one to the next, and as the cells of your fingernails divide to become slightly longer from one moment to the next, this is how you evolve— always forward. Time follows in this same way: forward. Time is just your experience of the flow of evolution; the arrow of creation is forward. Evolution, even by name, means advancement and (like time) it cannot be done in reverse.

You are part of a forward moving spiritual evolution. For this reason, there is absolutely no need to foster guilt around your actions of the past; this is like scolding a two-year-old for not knowing algebra. You know what you know until you know more. Guilt is in the same energy stratum as confusion and chaos and these do not share energy with the stratum of happiness and enlightenment. Starting this very minute you can begin creating the life of your dreams. If you desire happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, success, respect, love, and compassion, then raise your energetic stratum to where happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, success, respect, love, and compassion flow.

Big Bang

[These theoretical physics concepts are the intellectual property of author Penelope Jean Hayes, and are documented in the manuscript titled, The Magic Of Viral Energy: Spirituality Meets Quantum Theory (2017 All Rights Reserved). Theories from this article that are included in the book’s proprietary information are: “The new theory of the creation and expansion of the universe (Mu),” and “Solving the arrow of time dilemma.” These theories have premises in the author’s original theory of “Expansion is the force of expansion,” which has a foundation based on quantum fluctuation or vacuum state fluctuation. The author relates theoretical physics, physical cosmology, and quantum mechanics theory to the individual and personal level, correlating the significance of science to humanity’s spiritual evolution—all conveyed in the author’s relatable voice and signature style of unpacking technical concepts in layman’s terms.]