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Healing Through “Divine Management Meetings,” What’s That?

Why do you give away your power? You so readily claim your sickness, pain, or disease. In called it “my illness” or “my high blood pressure” or “my back pain” or “my cancer” or “my headaches,” you are claiming it. Stop doing that. By claiming sickness in your name, you are resigning your power and your part in your own health.

Do not doubt that you create with the Creator.

Your body is a resource for the fulfillment of your purpose; you and your body are in a partnership. Yep, it’s all part of the deal of free will that you made with Life. It’s the deal that you got into by your choice and with excitement for what you would awaken to and create. It’s the deal that you made when you were in the realm of knowing, before you incarnated into this human experience. And yet, so many of us are still asleep to it.

There’s so much more to this human experience than you give yourselves credit for, because you are too busy giving the credit and power away. The deluded idea that you are powerless to your own body, that things just happen to you and disease just happens to you, is all part of the world of illusion and separateness, the underworld cloaked in your own fears and doubts.


Your Body Has A Higher Calling (Psst, Your Health Isn’t Just About You!)

What is it that you choose to create with your life? What’s your unique contribution? When I interviewed quantum physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf for my book, The Magic Of Viral Energy, he told me this, “We all are born and we die. I believe that aside from the law of attraction each of us has a purpose on the planet, and that the event of your birth is not an accident, and that your death is not the end of the road. Finding your purpose in life may take years or decades, but you will eventually find it and act according to that purpose or frustrate yourself by doing what you really don’t wish to do. The really big secret is not the law of attraction; it is the action that people who realize their purpose take in their lives.”

You see, your purpose is a big deal. It’s thee Big Deal! You are in a partnership with your body for the fulfillment of your purpose. That’s the body’s job. If you’re not clear about your breathtaking purpose, your body will be unclear about its divine purpose. Make crystal clear just how much your health is wanted, needed, honored, and of critical importance to your soul’s mission.

Repeat this mantra to yourself daily, out loud: “Dear Life, we are in an agreement together that I use my life to (fill in your chosen purpose or inspired dream or passion). We have much left to do and I am utilizing the gift of a healthy physical body.” Here’s another one: “I have no further use for sickness and for that reason I no longer accept any force that is incongruent with my powerful purpose and intention.”


Get Your A-Team On Task

Imagine that the organs and systems of your body are your work colleagues. There are no slouches here. The organs and systems of your body are brilliant geniuses. In fact, the individual parts of your body, and how they work as a team, are in many ways far advanced to your own capabilities. It’s not about force; it’s about a partnership. This is why you are not in command over your body; you are in a breathtaking agreement with your body for the fulfillment of your divine and chosen purpose. You are both a contemporary peer to your body and her systems, as well as the foreman. Your mastery and expertise is precisely in your ability to direct your body to your will. You say to your body, “We need to go here,” and your body goes there.

In terms of the physicality that is you, your job is as the Project Manager to a fully equipped team of geniuses and leaders in their own right. All of your body’s systems and organs are your brilliant A-Team.

Request the attention of your body. Ask for mandatory attendance by all of its departments, parts, and systems. Play this out with yourself. As Project Manager, you get to choose where you hold your meeting. Do you choose an executive boardroom in an ultra-modern high rise, family-style at your kitchen table, in the team’s locker room, or on a comfy blanket in a park under an oak tree? Here’s mine: I’m sitting in the dining room of my dream home with a massive rain wall feature at my back, peacefully trickling with the rhythm of falling water; I’m facing a view of the pool beyond French doors and the ocean beyond that; smiling and eager teammates flank each side of an extended oval table.

Call the meeting to order and verbally let your team know exactly what you need in order to get the job done. Say to your team (quietly in your mind, or even better when done out loud), “I claim my purpose and I’m going to need you all to do your job, with excellence and efficiency. All of my cells, organs, and systems: you are in a constant process of reproduction and I need you to reproduce entirely healthy and in alignment with divine order. Okay, all cells of my body: I claim our total wellness. May I have the full attention of my immune system: it is my will that you engage the superpower and connectivity of all of Life; supercharge my body’s total wellness mode. I claim my body’s health.”

You may also simply say, “I claim my body be pure light energy of the Creator, in the fulfillment of my breathtaking agreement with Life.” When adopting this creation mindset, in the beginning it might seem in opposition to what you have been taught about putting your full faith in God, and yet God has told you that you were made in the image and likeness of the Creator. “Creator” being the operative title. Nonetheless, if you feel that the issue is too big for you to project manage, and you don’t have the capacity to take part, you can lean on the contract that you have with Life, and repeat, “God, take this illness from me and restore my health so that I may continue to create with my life.”


Be The Manager That God Would Be

It’s not just a matter of positivity, or positive statements, or self-talk. It’s not only about claiming your wellness. The key is in making and keeping an agreement with your body for the fulfillment of your purpose. If you haven’t got a clear purpose, your physical body may not be inspired to its full potential.

All resources will be provided to you in direct proportion to what you need to fulfill your purpose on this earth, including the resource of your health.

Your purpose is what you declare it to be; make it big enough so that the resource of good health is intrinsic to what you will create and contribute to the whole of Life.

Just like you need to be needed, your body needs to be needed. And let’s be frank: you often take your body for granted. Even you, the trusted and entrusted Project Manager, don’t always make the best decisions on behalf of your team. But know this, your body has a say and will eventually go on strike if it’s not being maintained with the excellence that it deserves, or it’s not being used in the fulfillment of your breathtaking agreement with Life. Just like with any contract, it’s a two-way agreement; both parties must uphold their end. As long as you have breath, you are in a breathtaking and divine agreement and you can start today to be the Project Manager that you set out to be.

Of course, many diseases and sicknesses are not preventable, but are the cards that you were given through your genes, circumstances, or happenstance. And yet, if you could remember that agreement that you wholeheartedly entered into with Life, you would remember that even your illnesses were your choice before your incarnation in order to grow your soul and add to humanity’s spiritual evolution. And while disease can serve your breathtaking agreement with Life, even that choice can be chosen again. If you’re waiting for a miracle—create it. The very good news is that you already have your miracle: your body’s cells are dividing and making brand new cells, right now as you read these words, through the divine process of creation. That is where your miracle lives.

When empowered by you, to do what it does perfectly, without interference from heavy energy and toxins, your body will reproduce itself healthy. And all you have to do is manage by saying “no” or “yes.”

Be as though you are running a marathon in the Olympics, do not accept toxins to your body’s success. Start saying no to sustenance, people, tasks, work for pay, obligations, entertainment, and environments that pollute your body’s creation energy. Filter what you are exposing yourself to, because you’re so worth it! Say yes to sustenance, people, tasks, work for pay, obligations, entertainment, and environments that add Light (enlightenment) to your body’s creation energy.

Listen with sincerity and humility to the divine wisdom of your body. What does your body need from you for the fulfillment of your purpose? Here are some requirements that your body has: good nutrition; clean air; exercise; a rest from stress and over-working; a break from the heavy viral energy of negativity, judgment, righteousness, jealousy, envy, competition with others, and incessant striving for the upper hand. Your body has no use for the smallness that you get caught up in when you seek to come out on top over others. Your body knows that you and the other are one; a life spent seeking the upper hand is a life wasted for the brilliance of your divine body.


Renew Your Agreement

Re-engage as the strong and fair Project Manager of your breathtaking purpose. With total sincerity and focus set out your plan and commitment with and to your body, starting today.

Renew your agreement with your body. What is it? Write it down. Shake metaphorical hands on it.

It might sound like this: “Dear cells, organs, and systems of my body: I honor and thank you for your service to our purpose. We are in an agreement together and I need you in top health for the fulfillment of the agreement that we made with all of Life. I will do my part and provide you with the best fuel and healthy light energy as you reproduce yourself in perfect order. Through my will I accept the management of our success. Through the empowerment endowed in me by the wholeness of all of Life, I request your full strength and wellness. I claim my health.”


This article is an excerpt from the book, The Magic Of Viral Energy: Spirituality Meets Quantum Theory, written by Penelope Jean Hayes. Proprietary; all rights reserved.