Watch Your Viral Energy! Or End Up On The Wrong Level…


Before I finally “got it”—that is, the magic of viral energy—I too used to feel like I was creating the same relationships all the time, or constantly repeating the same failures and disappointments. I kept cycling through the same old breakups, the same old heartbreaks, and repetitive letdowns. Even when it seemed that this would be the time that things would work out, things would suddenly fall apart and it wouldn’t make sense. These dreams of mine that were practically guaranteed, locked down, already promised, and all but contracted, would disintegrate before my eyes. Poof! Gone. At times, I bet you’ve felt like that, too. For instance, you’ll face the same old job problems and dissatisfaction even when you change jobs. There may be new people, but the issues remain the same. Maybe you’ve thought, “Why am I going through this again? Why do I have to go through this same old crap, again?” What is the answer, do you think? Why are you going through this same disappointment and loss again? This dream was looking like a ringer, right? Well, what happened?

I’m going to tell you what happened (or what’s still happening) by way of a little shopping trip that you’re going to take—right now.

You open your eyes and find yourself in an unfamiliar building. The sun is streaming through perfectly clear windows, lighting up all corners and passageways throughout the space. Everything about this place feels good and natural, but somehow you don’t remember where you are, so you look around for signs. You come to a corridor that appears to be a landing area or foyer and there you find an elevator. Next to the lift, there are “Up” and “Down” call buttons, so you push the down arrow to call the elevator car. The door opens and you step inside. Once inside, you notice an informational panel displaying buttons for seven levels. Now you can see that you are on the sixth floor of a seven-story building, yet the ground floor is actually level three, and the floors are not simply labeled one through seven. They are labeled:

H – 7th Stratum and Penthouse Access

C – 6th Stratum

A – 5th Stratum

W – 4th Stratum

In – 3rd Stratum or Ground

I – 2nd Stratum or Parking

H – 1st Stratum or Lower Level

You press “W.” The elevator begins to move with a sudden drop that you feel in your stomach and a moment later the door opens to floor “W.” As you look around, you now see that this is a department store. There are sections for home appliances, home repair tools, kitchen dishware and accessories, and exercise equipment, but you don’t want any of that. As you walk around you know that this stuff is not what you want; you want yellow tulips. Hmmm. You return to the home repair section and look for flowers thinking that they might carry gardening supplies. When you can’t find any flowers there, you look around again in the kitchen accessories—maybe tulips can be found there, you hope. After much scouring and finger-crossing, you can’t find yellow tulips. You’re now starting to give up on yellow tulips and so you decide that you could be somewhat happy with any color of tulips.

Just then, you see a large, shiny, backlit poster of a very satisfied looking woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat (the kind that you only wear on vacation) and boasting an armful of multicolored tulips. The poster reads: “Wake Up Your Senses.” Ah-ha! So, they do stock tulips here, you tell yourself. You continue to search but continue to have no luck.

As you put more and more effort into finding tulips, you’re giving up on ever getting any flowers of any color or variety. You know exactly what you want in your mind—it is your dream and deep desire after all—but you’ve looked and looked (and even panicked and feared and hoped and prayed) and now you’re starting to get frustrated and disheartened. Your vision of flowers is waning. Maybe I’m not meant to have the fresh flowers that I want, you start to think. You reason with yourself that you will strive only for plastic flowers—that’s not asking too much, you think. And so you keep wanting in a cycle of futile effort.

During all of your dreaming and searching and wanting and praying and wishing and reasoning and compromising, you never notice the sign that reads: FRESH FLOWERS—ONE LEVEL UP.

The fact is, flowers were never going to be available on level “W” because they are on level “A.” To reference my own past—when I was experiencing nonsensical loss and defeat, I didn’t have access to my dreams because of the “level” of my presence. I didn’t know it, but I was running on a treadmill within the stratum of “Wanting” when all along my dreams were not there. My dreams were big and bold and beautiful and they vibrated and shared energy with the “Creation” stratum. No matter how much I chased and wanted my dreams, I didn’t share energy with them—not in the presence that I was being at that time; not on that level. I didn’t flow with them. I didn’t pulse with them. (Not then at least.)

I wish I knew then what I know now, and that is that we each have the ability to change that to which we have access. You should be very empowered to know that no matter your repeating issues, or what you’ve been told (or have told yourself), you can absolutely change your presence—that vibration that sets your presence—and therefore change your stratum flow.

You do all of this through the management of viral energy.

(Maybe your sign reads: TRUE LOVE—TWO FLOORS UP. Or: DREAM JOB—LEVEL C.)

Consistent exposure to light or heavy energy does indeed impact and raise or lower your presence. By way of the process of your spiritual evolution coupled with the osmosis of light or heavy energy, your presence ascends or descends, evolves or devolves, all within the consciousness-energy strata.

Once again, think of it like a marinade. Your energy field is permeable, and you soak in the energy that exists all around you. After some soaking, you take on the flavor, temperature, and quality of the viral energy sauce. Even still, you choose what you accept into your presence. You have the power to let in light and filter out the heavy energies.

So, what stratum are you being?



Continue reading about the 7 Consciousness-Energy Strata and take the Viral Energy Self-Assessment QuizClick here.


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