Are You In A New Torque State Of Mind?

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You likely know that you can advantage or depress your state of mind, and I believe both happiness and depression can be understood from a quantum physics perspective. After all, thanks to the discovery of quantum mechanics at the end of the eighteen-hundreds, the science is responsible for opening up the entire fields of electronics and computers and is credited with the invention of cell phones and most everything technological that we know. It’s energy and particle science at the smallest level, and because our mind is a powerful computer, I figure it’s a pretty important topic to wrap our minds around.

I spoke with the quantum physicist of quantum physicists, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, otherwise known as Dr. Quantum. He’s a genius professor, bestselling author, and world-famous cast member from the films What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret. If you’ve seen these movies, then you’re sure to remember Dr. Wolf—he sort of looks like Albert Einstein. Here’s what he said: “Okay. Let’s say that right now you’re sitting and you’re saying, ‘Oh, I’m so depressed. I feel so bad. I feel terrible.’ Just do one simple thing. It’s very simple. Ask yourself this question: ‘Who is feeling depressed?’ But don’t answer the question. Just posing the question without answering it changes the chemistry inside the body, and just by asking, you can begin to lift yourself from that depression. You’ve got to keep doing it for a while because it isn’t like automatic pilot. It’s not like throwing a switch. You’ve got to keep doing it, and after a while you begin to realize that the person who is saying ‘I am depressed’ is not you. The mind is a process, and it’s related to what is happening at the level of what we call the quantum field of reality. At this unobservable invisible level of reality, we are dealing with a field of possibilities, not a gathering of physical objects. Think of a magnetic field produced by a bar magnet. The field is invisible. But sprinkle iron filings on a sheet of paper and then place the bar magnet beneath the sheet and you see the effect of the field on the filings. Changing the field of possibilities changes the pattern of behavior. Your brain is like the iron filings. It’s a bunch of ‘stuff.’ Your mind is like the quantum field and is not made of ‘stuff.’ In fact, it’s not made of anything. From the point of view of quantum physics, your mind doesn’t even exist in the material ‘spacetime’ world. It comes before it.”

(KABOOM!! My mind comes before space and time!?)


Now, to be clear, Dr. Wolf—winner of the National Book Award in Science—is not suggesting that getting out of depression is easy; he is suggesting that when we reprogram our habitual self talk and—even deeper—our beliefs about our Self, the energy quality created by our mind (the part of us that can choose this or that) will change our state of being and our state of mind. How that change occurs is very plainly the result of how we know energy to behave and to produce outcomes. The essential sentence is, as Dr. Wolf said, “Changing the field of possibilities changes the pattern of behavior.” Of course, in this example, the “pattern of behavior” is an actual change in the chemistry of the brain (an organ no different than any in the body, with the body being the part of us that experiences the output of our choices).

He continues, “That which is aware is not in spacetime, hence it is a spiritual entity perhaps related to the quantum field of the mind itself and inherent in the whole universe. As far as I could speculate, and mind you, I am only speculating here, the simple technique I explained should work to change your mindset and therefore the observer in you causing you to change your perspective on whatever you observe, be it feelings, intuitions, senses, or thoughts. The ancient key lies in the usage of the word ‘I’ in English, ‘Ya’ in Russian, ‘Ich’ in German, ‘Anee’ in Hebrew, and ‘Je’ in French. Although a simple word, it represents many different people living inside of our brains and nervous systems and muscles and skin and bones.”

I love this insight from Dr. Quantum. So, thoughts create the torque—the moment of force—to manifest into form.

Your thoughts can either disrupt or advantage the quality of what you’re manifesting in your life, your experiences, and happiness. Heavy energy will depress your state of mind. Light energy will advantage your state of mind and provide the torque.


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