What’s Viral Energy?

“Viral Energy” is the contagious nature of energy as it moves within social interactions and the environment around us all.

Both light and heavy energy are at large in the world around us. The degree to which energy is heavy or light is dependent on the purity ratio or composition of light energy. These qualities of energy flow within seven specific strata of creation-energy and make up the presence of everyone and everything.

Every unit of Life, including you and me, is being in a vibration of creation-energy. This vibration of creation energy is your “presence” and your presence is the power and fuel that you have access to for all that you create. And so, viral energy should matter to you very much because energy created outside of your own being can permeate your space and personal power as if you had sponsored and created the energy yourself.

Energy is passively transferable, not just attractive. It’s important to know that “viral energy” is not the law of attraction (which is like-energy-vibrations attracting like-energy-vibrations in the same way radio waves from a transmitter are picked up by a receiver tuned in to the same frequency). While the law of attraction is always a factor, there is another energetic power at play and it’s rather different; it’s viral energy.

Yet, how does viral energy work? (Have you ever heard that we are all connected? Well, here’s how!) Firstly, all energy fields are permeable energy fields. Secondly, energy transfer is possible because energy itself is permeable, allowing for flow and exchange. Thirdly, by way of a passive osmotic effect, pulses or waves of energy become entangled in close proximity.

The quality of your life is the product of the intentions and energy patterns of those people with whom you spend the most time; the energy of your own deep inner intentions; your outer environment including the energy of your city, the tone of what you watch on TV, and everything else to which you are exposed in your surroundings and interactions. For better or worse, all energy is contagious: good vibes, chronic sadness, and lasting joy are all contagious through the energy around you.

Energy affects you and you affect energy. Do you ever think about the quality of energy that you’re emitting and the ways in which others are subconsciously responding to you? How might this be affecting your companionability, your happiness and the happiness of your loved ones, your success at your job, your earning potential, your relationships, and your health?

But get this—viral energy is not only a phenomenon significant to our personal interactions and our quality of creation-fuel; viral energy affects our planet also: it collects in masses on Planet Earth as a result of our light or heavy intentions and actions. These masses are so very large that those who have the ability to intuit energy can see them from space.

While you might not yet have developed the ability to see viral energy, it is working right now to co-create your circumstances, experiences, relationships, health, wealth, and happiness. There is another dimension behind the scenes and it connects everything to each other and then to you and me: it’s a fourth-dimension that swirls, moves, and dances as it interacts. All of life functions on a pulse—a movement of energy—and has the potential to synchronize through osmosis within a system of shared energy.


What are the proprieties of “viral energy”?

Viral energy:

  1. Is a natural phenomenon
  2. Is contagious (and “sticky”)
  3. Works like reproduction—it’s new creation, not redistribution. It has the power to create more—picking it up from a source does not mean that the source has been altered or lessened
  4. Is happening whether you’re conscious of it or not
  5. Is an energy source that you create with
  6. Comes in different strata, or levels, from heavy to light
  7. Contributes to the quality of your being
  8. Operates by possibilities not absolutes
  9. Is spontaneous (the good news is: you didn’t “attract” a bad experience)
  10. Is an exponential expander


Kensey back

There’s a Reason Why You’re Here

It was in 2002, at 29, that I consciously began searching for true happiness and the meaning of my life. Though still, up until my early thirties, I was painfully unfulfilled: shoehorned into a career that I was suited for, but didn’t suit me. Then finally in 2007, I took a leap into the abyss of the unknown—teetering between gumption and irresponsibility—and taking only my car, clothes, and my cat, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee from Canada. I often say that I found happiness on my journey to purpose. Yet it was more than that; I found a hidden code to life—it’s the magic of viral energy and by understanding and utilizing it my spirit has moved from emptiness and loss to true and lasting joy. Now, I’m sharing with you the magic and everything that I’ve discovered.

In reading my book, The Magic of Viral Energy, you can embark on your own journey to purpose, true love, and joy. In order for any of us to reach our true destiny, we have to start thinking differently.

In my second title, Do Unto Earth, you will experience the next revelation, from domestic to global concerns, offered to you through the viral energy message.

There is a knowing inside you, it’s an ancient truth as old as time, and I hope that it jolts you wide-awake.


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