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I find that people like to know how others started doing what they do. So, here’s a little on how I got from there to here. To summarize what my journey has made of me—so far—I am a writer, TV personality (plus hired on-camera host), public speaker, and advocate for compassion towards animals.

Up until my early thirties, I was painfully unfulfilled in my life. Then finally in 2007, I took a leap into the abyss of the unknown—teetering between gumption and irresponsibility—and taking only my car, clothes, and my cat, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee from Canada. With sufficient PR experience and lots of dumb luck, I opened a one-woman publicity business and immediately started handling image and media management for No. 1 hit singer-songwriter artists. This was the first of many inspired risks and a very long way from the years that I had spent as a runaway teenager and then a twenty-something dreamer, drowning in loneliness and lack and fear. I was struggling, but I was inspired.

Just eighteen months in, my business had expanded to primarily representing television stars—many from ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette—and by 2009 I was invited along with my celebrity clients to the sets of ABC’s Good Morning America and Dancing With The Stars, and CBS’s Survivor and more. Over time, my client roster diversified and has included film stars, authors, television personalities, and non-profit organization founders.

By 2010, I relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, and married my husband, Burton. There, a producer at an ABC News affiliate invited me to come in for a segment to tap my experience and insider knowledge on the world of celebrity and popular culture. This quickly became a 5-year running weekly live television spot called “Pop News With Penelope”. I proudly wore the hat as the station’s Resident Entertainment Analyst and had the opportunity to cover the 87th Academy Awards “Live From the Red Carpet.”

I have contributed as an expert guest on the Dr. Phil Show—speaking to the pressures brought to bear by a society that promotes a culture of perfectionism; the relationship between personal energy and happiness; and tips for living in purpose and joy.

Over the years I have been blessed with numerous adventures and opportunities from creating and pitching television show concepts to networks like Discovery, Animal Planet, and Oprah’s OWN; to spending a few days alongside the very humble and deeply inspiring Dr. Jane Goodall, and later meeting my favorite actor, Robert Redford—who is in person just as handsome, confident and gentlemanly as he appears on the silver screen.

Today, my focus is sharing the wisdom from my upcoming book, The Magic Of Viral Energy, on the contagious nature of energy and how this phenomenon has worked magic in my life and the lives of many. “Viral energy” is a term that I coined, and a topic that I’ve researched and documented since 2002.

My passion to write seeded on New Year’s Eve 2006 when, after seriously contemplating suicide, I wrote in my journal, “I’m going to drill through the rock of this tomb and tell you all how I did it.” Well, I did do it, and I’ve learned some incredible tools along the way. As resolved and promised, I’m sharing these with you, together with the stories of many others that you might relate to.

Speaking of resolutions, while I’ve been a vegetarian since my teen years, both my husband, Burt, and I turned vegan on New Years turning 2017. My love for animals runs so very deep; it was time to fully walk the walk. Incidentally, my second book (All Is Viral Energy In Love And War), among other topics, addresses the violence and sadness in industries such as factory farming, and what the energetic impact is of these practices upon society and the planet.

For success and true happiness in life, I believe in the power of setting a foundational intention—like a personal mission statement. From this, all that is meant for my life is born. As we do in the entertainment business, I will boil it down to a single logline: My intention is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by inspiring the higher self in all of us.

— Penelope Jean Hayes

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Penelope Jean Hayes is a public personality, and according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) her “starmeter” is on the rise. She has been named by RANKER (a service based on Google and Wikipedia) as #24 IN THE WORLD OF “FAMOUS PEOPLE NAMED PENELOPE.”

She is a widely-known Popular Culture Analyst who has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show as an expert guest, was the Host of her own TV segment called Pop News With Penelope (5-years running) on an ABC News affiliate, and is frequently called upon by national morning television programs, radio shows, and magazines for her expert input on issues related to social challenges, relationship tips, depression, and the pressures brought to bear by a society that idolizes celebrity and promotes a culture of perfectionism.

Her career first took off as a publicist to celebrities. Incidentally, she is also named by RANKER as #4 IN THE WORLD OF “FAMOUS PR SPECIALISTS,” alive or deceased. Her growing platform and expertise says a great deal about this author’s ability to promote her own books, her connections with top media sources, and her exceptionally strong on-camera and public speaking experience.

Penelope Jean Hayes has an important message to share. She was a runaway at 15-years-old, then in her twenties, she was in a violent relationship and ultimately ended up spending the better part of a month in a hospital psychiatric ward recovering from post-traumatic stress and years of functional depression. After she was committed, she committed to discovering all that she could about self-help and the sciences of the mind, body, and spirit.

She developed her own theories and soon this led her to quantum mechanics. She fell in love with the wisdom in quantum and theoretical physics, and she wondered if spirituality and science were really saying the same things. She began talking to people, hearing the stories of others, and testing the phenomenon that was emerging, a philosophy that she starting referring to as “Viral Energy.” Then, she bounced her ideas off of the best doctors of psychology and psychiatry and quantum physics—formally interviewing them and confirming what she knew to be true because she felt it for herself. Penelope became a seeker of happiness, she wrote about what worked for her, and soon she changed everything, starting with the very meaning of her life. She became successful in her career in public relations and then evolved with her passions to become a speaker, media personality, and writer.

Now, dozens of her journalism pieces have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post (a late 2017 article written by Penelope on the crisis in Puerto Rico went viral and was republished in numerous national magazines and mentioned on national news broadcasts). Additionally, she has earned special access to report on the U.S. Military and the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Command. Further, her narrative non-fiction stories have been featured on covers for leisure magazines such as Life On The Water and Heartland Boating.

In 2018, she began writing a column, on best-life advice and metaphysics, in Face the Current Magazine: a global aspirational lifestyle publication covering Travel, Culture & Arts, Music, Sports & Fitness, and Health. The magazine’s aim is to generate a ripple effect of positive change in the world and inspire people to be their potential and to live on purpose.

Also in 2018, launched “PENELOPE,” a Podcast show by Wizzard Media on Apple Podcasts / iTunes (also available on Spotify and YouTube). The internet radio talk format show is in the Self-Help category and unpacks theories and stories from her book, The Magic Of Viral Energy.

Penelope Jean Hayes has a large following on Twitter (@PenelopeJean) where she regularly shares “Viral Energy Sparks.” Penelope is a vegan; animal compassion advocate; and was honored to spend several days alongside her role model—famous primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall. Penelope and her husband, Burton, have lived in Nashville, Tennessee and Charleston, South Carolina, and they currently reside on the Emerald Coast of the Florida Gulf.

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