What’s Viral Energy?

Viral energy is about what you surround yourself with. It’s about your environments and the people you spend time with. It’s about the culture of your workplace and whether it’s congruent with your personal culture. It’s about your relationships and whether those are on-level.

To get a visual, let’s use the analogy of marinating a piece of meat. The sauce is a mixture of ingredients that are savory and sweet, spicy and hot—these represent your environment. Now, of course, you’re the piece of meat. (Don’t get excited….it’s a metaphor.) We know that the marinating doesn’t happen in just 5 minutes. For the steak to really pick up the flavors of the sauce, it might take two or three hours, even overnight. You and your surroundings work nearly this same way, and so, you might want to be aware of what you’re marinating in!

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In reading my book, The Magic of Viral Energy, you can embark on your own journey to purpose, true love, and joy. In order for any of us to reach our true destiny, we have to start thinking differently.

Then, in my second title, Do Unto Earth, you will experience the next revelation, from domestic to global concerns offered to you through the viral energy message.

There is a knowing inside you, it’s an ancient truth as old as time, and I hope that it jolts you wide-awake.


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