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Penelope Jean Hayes is a motivational and new-consciousness writer, contemporary philosopher, and speaker. She practices osmotic-energy-balancing and writes her spiritual and cosmological theories through a process of higher-stream-consciousness known as automatic writing. Her written works on social, popular culture, and environmental issues have appeared in HuffPost and she regularly writes aspirational content for the international publication Face the Current magazine. Penelope has a background in social/popular culture analysis and has appeared on television hundreds of times as an expert guest on programs including Dr. Phil and ABC News. Penelope is an advocate for Higher-Self-development and the pursuit of “viral energy” as a field of study. She uses her voice to call for the protection of the planet through the preservation of endangered species and the adoption of plant-based food sources. Penelope and her husband, Burton (James Burton Hayes Jr., married on June 1, 2013), are vegans, wanderlust world-travelers, regular peeps, and Survivor superfans. They currently live in Naples, Florida, although they are often on the move.

She is the author of the bookThe Magic of Viral Energy, which centers on the contagious nature of energy, and she is currently writing her second title, Do Unto Earth, which reveals broader issues facing both humanity and planet Earth that directly affect you and our species’ future.

Penelope with husband, Burton (2019)

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Quebec Daily Examiner (March 23, 2019)

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Penelope Jean Hayes is a self-help and metaphysics writer, contemporary philosopher, and speaker. She is the author of the upcoming book, The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key For Happiness, Empowerment, And Purpose, which centers on the contagious nature of energy, and she is currently writing her second title, Do Unto Earth. Penelope speaks and writes in a relatable and colloquial voice that is hard to find in the genre, helping her to garner a following that clings to her brand of advice and signature style of unpacking technical concepts in layman’s terms. She is a vegan, an activist for saving our planet and protecting species, and an advocate for compassion towards animals. Penelope writes for HuffPost and Face the Current Magazine, and has also appeared as an expert guest on numerous TV programs including Dr. Phil and ABC News.

This author has an important message to share. She was a runaway at 15-years-old, was the victim of domestic violence in her twenties, and ultimately chose to stay in a hospital psychiatric ward for three weeks to recover from post-traumatic stress and years of functional depression. After she was committed, she committed to discovering all that she could about self-help and the sciences of the mind, body, and spirit.

Penelope developed her own theories and soon discovered that spirituality and science were often saying the same things. She tapped into spiritual wisdom through a process that she now calls “osmotic-energy-balancing,” which is a type of cognizant meditation that allows her to access her stream of Higher-Self consciousness and automatic writing. She then wrote about the emerging phenomenon of catchy creation energy, a philosophy that she began referring to as “viral energy.” She bounced her ideas off of the best doctors of psychology, psychiatry, and quantum physics, formally interviewing them and confirming what she already knew and felt to be true. Because of her early struggles, Penelope became a seeker of happiness, diligently mining her early recordings of what had worked to bring her into that positive state. She soon changed many aspects of her life, starting with its very meaning and purpose. Using her own approach, Penelope achieved success in her public relations career before evolving with her passions to become a speaker, media personality, writer, and advocate for saving species and adopting plant-based food sources.

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