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I love to hear from the readers of M.O.V.E.!

Penelope Jean Hayes

If you have a question about life, love, finding your purpose, handling stress, understanding and utilizing viral energy, how to do affirmations, or anything else under the sun, and you think that I might be able to help, write to me!

On my advice column, ASK PENELOPE, I share brief summaries of your questions and dish out my best advice.

Your situation’s Q&A will likely be helpful to others. After all, if you have the question, chances are other people do too!

I’m Looking For Your True Stories

Articles on this site are brief introductions of thought-provoking ideas, and now I’m looking for your firsthand experiences and real examples to share in my book, “The Magic Of Viral Energy: Your Guide To Supernatural Happiness” (M.O.V.E. for short!).

If you have a short true story (under 500 words) to illustrate an idea from M.O.V.E., and you want to share it, please email me here. If your story is chosen, only your first name, or an alternate name, will be used in the book. Your story might just make someone’s day!


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