Do Unto Earth

In her second title, Do Unto Earth, author Penelope Jean Hayes uses her strong intuition and sensitivity to take her powerful message of “viral energy” to its next revelation. This book explains “viral energy masses” which are large energetic fields created by both light and heavy intentions and actions of communities and populations, industries, and cultural beliefs, as well as through massive pockets of love, hate, nature, war, gratitude, abuse, forgiveness, indifference, and compassion.

While speaking plainly to the damage mankind has done to the planet—both energetically and physically—this book also brings inspiration to the hearts of those working toward environmental and animal welfare causes as it sets forth a clear and actionable vision of humanity’s path to evolution. Do Unto Earth advises that saving species and adopting plant-based food sources are the most important missions to pursue.

Building the viral energy message from domestic to global, Book One, The Magic of Viral Energy, deals with the ways in which you can utilize the knowledge of viral energy to attain a life of purpose and happiness, whereas Book Two reveals broader issues facing both humanity and planet Earth that directly affect you and our species’ future. Much like ripples in a pond, Do Unto Earth will begin a wave of awareness to reach those who have yet to seriously consider the fate of our planet. Soon, this wave will become tidal.


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