Pen’s Favorites

The consumer has the vote on environmental wellness, with each and every purchase and choice.

As I learn from The Divine Universe/The God Being and discover the ways to heal our Planet Earth, I have been consciously evolving my choices as a consumer, after all, the consumer has the vote with each and every purchase, and the consumer drives industry. I’ve been mindful of my choices in household products, how I eat and where I buy food, plus what I wear, and all products and things and people that I support and stand for. This page is a place to share some of my best finds, favorite things, ways and wisdom.

Adopting a Plant-Based Diet

Here’s a sneak peek at what The Divine says in my upcoming book, Do Unto Earth, about a vegan lifestyle—

“Well, there is a beginning now and a slow catching up to this reality. You will identify this need as being based on a combination of reasons. Saving energy in not producing animal-based diets, saving animal suffering, and returning to an agrarian society to save Earth’s air, soil, and water from continued contamination of industrialization. You would say, “It’s a no-brainer.” This is returning to historical ways and bringing Earth back to clean and pure.”

My Vegan Tips and Links

First Nations Leadership

As The Divine has prescribed, to heal Mother Earth we must seek the wisdom of our First Nation’s peoples and to consult them and hold their wisdom in very high regard. One of the most important and most common teachings of First Nations peoples is that humans should live in harmony with the natural world and all it contains. There is a great need for us to return to the ways of old and the wisdom of the elders. Going forward, we need to appoint First Nations peoples leaders into high-level positions within our governments and to include First Nations leaders on councils and committees of all kinds as they pertain to the environment and industry, and the successful relationship between the two.

The Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways

Life Without Plastic

Recycling is imperative, however, plastic does not have a purpose or place in our future. Period. By the way, in addition to plastic not returning to the earth (it does not breakdown), plastic is made of petroleum/crude oil and it is very unhealthy to have in contact with our food, children, and medical devices. In Do Unto Earth, The Divine gives us the replacement material to plastic. I will not give it away here, yet I will offer some suggestions, in the meantime, that I am using until the new industries and products catch up with the wisdom that is soon to be made known. (Glass Mason Jars are also one of my new favorite things!)

Glass Food Storage Containers with Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free Bamboo Lids from Gramercy Kitchen Company

The Earth floats in the sea full of plastic. Save the World. World provided by NASA.