What’s M.O.V.E.?

M.O.V.E. is your guide to supernatural happiness…and it’s a clever acronym for the title of my upcoming book.

The Magic Of Viral Energy (M.O.V.E.) is about contagious energy, moods and emotions—picked up from the environment and people around you—and how to make this phenomenon work in your favor.

Everything you need to know for happiness, success and love is in the Magic Of Viral Energy (M.O.V.E.)!


Book Overview

For better or worse—all energy is contagious. Good vibes, bad moods, chronic sadness and lasting joy are all contagious through the energy around you.

Here’s how. You pick up energy because you have a permeable energy field. You are holy!

And because your energy field is holy, you can synchronize with the energy of your environment and the people and things around you.

The ‘temperature’ of energy can move from one being to another!

You can pick up a bad mood (or fear or loneliness or many other vibes and emotions) from a family member; a stranger on the far side of a restaurant; the tension in the air when stuck in a traffic jam, or just by watching others argue on your favorite reality TV show.

And in exactly the same way, and just as easily, you can become at total peace after spending time in a forest; playing with a child; meditating; petting a dog or cat or watching birds visit a feeder.

By the way, you also affect and contribute to the energy of others. Do you ever think about the energy quality that you’re emitting and how others are subconsciously responding to you?

How is your energy quality (your presence) affecting your companionability, your happiness and that of your loved ones, your success at your job, your earning potential, your relationships and your health?

M.O.V.E. holds the key that’s missing from the law of attraction theory. It’s the magic beyond magnetism. And it will—at last—give you the power to fulfill your dreams!



Introduction (Or Why I Wrote This Book)

I made a promise to God—or the Universe or the Creator or Life itself—that if I made it out of the misery of lack and loneliness that I would use my life to share with others how I did it.

My awakening began when I was a teenager. I had been a runaway from the age of fifteen, yet occasionally I would come back home like a stray cat. So I suppose I was a runaway and a runback: an in-and-outer. Either way, I was a lost soul.

One night, when I was ‘in’ my parent’s home—a brief reprieve from my life on the couches and bare basement floors of friends-of-friends—my dad told me for the first time of his near death experience when I was about two years old and he was morbidly sick. While neither of us knew it at the time, this information changed everything in my life and set me on a path of reading and testing and contemplating and writing about the meaning of life and the pursuit of purpose and joy. Yet, happiness for me was still a long way away.

I hit rock bottom on New Year’s Eve 2006 and wrote a suicide note to my parents and I wept silent tears. I was beyond wailing out loud; I was utterly hopeless. “Please help me. I’m so alone,” I whispered to myself, or perhaps to God, or whoever or whatever could stop my grief. My heart ached. It actually ached with fear. Fear I would never be happy. Fear I would always be alone. Fear I would lose my job and not be able to get by. Fear I’d be stuck in my comatose job another day. Fear I would not make it through the night alone…

And then, my parents called on their way out to celebrate the holiday. My dad had me promise that I would not go back to my ex (with whom I had had a two year relationship that didn’t work, though much effort was made) just because I was lonely. I promised and Dad said, “You are the bravest person I know.” I picked up my journal and wrote, “I am going to drill through the rock of this tomb and tell you all how I did it.”

I made it through that night and somehow I fought to pull myself up and that same year I took a quantum leap and soon changed everything, starting with the very meaning and purpose of my life.

I have learned so much, the hard and long way. I have discovered a hidden code to life—it’s the magic of viral energy (M.O.V.E.)—and by understanding and utilizing it my spirit has moved from emptiness and loss, to true and lasting joy.

Now, I’m sharing the magic and everything I’ve learned with you in this guide to supernatural happiness.

When you put to work the knowledge of viral energy, and incorporate it for your good and the good of others, you will change your life and claim your birthright!


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