Institute Viralenologists

viralenologist noun

  1. one who studies viral energy in social interaction, interpersonal communication, and for the betterment of individual relationships and personal development
  2. a scientist or intuitive who studies viralenology in environments and as the causation of large planetary pockets or masses of enlightened or heavy/dense energy
  3. one who studies viral energy for renewable energy sources
  4. a channeler who accesses higher-stream-consciousness outside of their own knowledge, by way of the viral and osmotic nature of energy, through practices of osmotic-energy-balancing or cognitive meditation, in order to impart knowledge of species and planetary wellbeing

The VIRAL ENERGY INSTITUTE has a growing team of researchers and teachers, including:

Penelope Jean Hayes, Founder

Author and New-Consciousness Teacher, Penelope Jean Hayes is welcoming to the Viral Energy Institute’s Training and Research Team individuals specializing in metaphysics, cosmology, quantum physics, and more. Penelope’s philosophy is the merging of traditional science and spiritual wisdom to discover, intuit, and develop the leading-edge technologies and practices necessary to evolve our species and heal our planet.


Colette Tunstead, VEI Partner & Teacher

A powerhouse in the tech industry and a public speaking guru, Colette Tunstead also has a passion for mentoring others in their personal growth goals and mind-body-spirit journeys. Colette operates the Viral Energy Institute Gambier, located on her property on the island of Gambier, off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Viralenologist Colette Tunstead


Carole Serene, Intuitive and Medium

Author of The Worley Village Mysteries book series, Carole Elaine Borgens goes by the name Carole Serene in her spiritual work as an intuitive, medium, and channeler of the spirit energy known as “Seth,” famously channeled by Jane Roberts from 1963 to 1984. Seth has an important message for the current world population regarding planet Earth; a message recognized to be in alignment with the work of Penelope Jean Hayes and the Viral Energy Institute. Carole has stepped forward to channel Seth for this shared mission of global awakening and planetary healing.


Carole Serene and Penelope


Andrew Louisy, Energy Healer

An energy healer with three decades of experience, Andrew Louisy is also the principal partner and practitioner at Time To Heal Treatment and Workshop Facility in Duncan, British Columbia. Andrew is a skilled intuitive and has developed numerous modalities for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.