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The Magic of Viral Energy Release Dates

April 25, 2019 (New York, New York)—

The release dates have been set for the book The Magic of Viral Energy:
Amazon eBook Release: Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Physical In Bookstores: Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Publisher Known for Business How-Tos Enters the New Age Genre

March 25, 2019 (New York, New York)—In the same mind-body-spirit vein as publishers such as Hay House and Beyond Words, Morgan James Publishing—traditionally a house for entrepreneurial non-fiction titles such as numerous incarnations of Jay Conrad Levinson’s bestseller Guerrilla Marketing as well as titles authored by experts or titans of business—has now entered into the genre of New Age & Spirituality.

On March 13, 2019, Morgan James Publishing signed a publishing deal with author and modern spiritual philosopher Penelope Jean Hayes for the title The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key For Happiness, Empowerment, And Purposeintroducing the world to the concept of “viral energy” and the ways in which you can harness this phenomenon to improve interactions with those around you, while also gaining empowerment to fulfill your dreams. Part prescriptive personal growth and part metaphysics, Hayes’ literary agent Bill Gladstone (who also represents world-renowned authors Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch) says, “We know that there is a home team advantage in sporting events. We know that we get good vibes or bad when walking into a meeting or even at a party. However, until now, no author has focused on the magic of viral energy as a technique for improving the quality of everyday life. It’s not the next The Secret, rather, The Magic of Viral Energy is what’s next.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, quantum physicist, winner of the National Book Award in Science, and cast member of The Secret film says about this upcoming title, “Life is often a mysterious journey and author Penelope Jean Hayes has offered her personal recollection of the many interesting revelations she encountered along her pathway towards wisdom and enlightenment. You will find this a welcome guidebook for your own passage through the bewilderment we all meet up with in finding what truly makes you happy.”

With this title, Morgan James Publishing enters into the genre of New Age & Spirituality (also known as New Thought), and why not? With the reader’s growing thirst for spiritual fuel, propelled even further in recent years by the OWN network’s Super Soul Sunday—a program that exclusively features conversations between Oprah and modern philosophers, metaphysics authors, visionaries and spiritual leaders—now more than ever, players in the book-business are looking to catch a wave that started rippling decades ago and has now become tidal.

With their author-centric business model, Morgan James has been at the forefront of a revolution in book publishing that is regularly described as “the future of publishing.” Publishers Weekly has listed the publishing house as one of the fastest-growing independent publishers of 2014, 2015, and 2018, and now—with their expansion into the realm of the New Age & Spirituality genre—Morgan James is demonstrating yet another progressive evolution driven by the marketplace.

Publisher and founder David Hancock said this about the announcement: “Morgan James Publishing is very pleased and proud to be working with author Penelope Jean Hayes and agent Bill Gladstone. We are looking forward to sharing the ‘viral energy’ message of this title with book sellers and readers alike. We at Morgan James are excited about our entrée into this genre, bringing to the marketplace the next wildly popular spiritual teaching and introducing what we believe will inspire a whole new field of thought-provoking self-discovery.”


Author Mini-Bio: For Media Use

Penelope Jean Hayes is a motivational and metaphysical writer, contemporary philosopher, and speaker. As a writer, her work has appeared in HuffPost and Face the Current magazine. She practices osmotic-energy-balancing and writes her spiritual and cosmology theories through a process of higher-stream-consciousness known as automatic writing. Penelope has a background as a popular culture analyst and she has had hundreds of television appearances as an expert guest, including for Dr. Phil and ABC News. Penelope is an advocate for Higher-Self-development and the pursuit of “viral energy” as a field of study. She uses her voice to call for the protection of the planet through the preservation of endangered species and the adoption of plant-based food sources. Penelope currently lives in Naples, Florida, although she is often on the move.

She is the author of the bookThe Magic of Viral Energy, which centers on the contagious nature of energy, and she is currently writing her second title, Do Unto Earth, which reveals broader issues facing both humanity and planet Earth that directly affect you and our species’ future.

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