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The Magic Of Viral Energy is about contagious energy and how to make this phenomenon work in your favor to supercharge your happiness, relationships, health, passions, and abundance. It will change the way that you interact with others, improve how they respond to you, and give you the power to—at last—fulfill your dreams.

This is not another book about the law of attraction, and it’s not what’s already been done in the self-help and spirituality genre. In fact, the word “attraction” is not important to The Magic Of Viral Energy, and only appears in the book to explain how “viral energy” is not attraction.

You’ve heard and read a lot about energy, but you haven’t been introduced to the magic of viral energy—until now. So, what is viral energy? Viral energy is the contagious nature of light and heavy energy in social interaction and the environment around you. What’s more, you pick it up through osmosis—not attraction—because you, my dear, have a permeable energy field. You are holy!

You don’t attract “good” or “bad” vibes or good or bad experiences due to how you are feeling at the moment. Gosh, where would that leave you when you’re having a crappy day, or sad over some grievous loss? You would likely agree, that would be rather unfair of God to set it up that way. Nope, your power of creation—the fuel for how you create your experiences—lives in your energetic presence and where your presence moves and creates within the “7 Consciousness-Energy Strata.” You can only experience, be and have what you are on energetic level with. Want to know about the 7 strata that determine your energetic presence? Well, you have to read the book!

This book takes you on a journey to understanding “viral energy” through the true stories of people from every walk of life, plus a splash of popular culture references including from movies, television, celebrities, and social media. Author Penelope Jean Hayes is a contemporary philosopher and theorist who speaks and writes in a relatable voice—a colloquial voice that, frankly, is hard to find in the genre. She is a seasoned television and radio personality with a following that clings to her brand of advice and signature style of unpacking technical concepts in layman’s terms.

Part prescriptive personal growth, part spirituality, and part quantum physics theory, its message leaves you transformed and empowered with new and intrepid tools to achieve your purpose, optimize your health, have true love relationships, and live a life of magic!



A Fresh Approach To The Self-Help & Spirituality Genre

The Magic Of Viral Energy gives you something new and different to what you’ve read in other self-help books. This book merges theoretical science and quantum theory with spirituality to answer both your infinitely large questions about the universe and the nature of God, and your everyday questions about finding true love and happiness. Do you want to know why time only moves forward? It’s in the book. Do you want to know why the universe is expanding and not stagnating or shrinking? It’s in the book. Do you want to know how to expand your resources, opportunities, and experiences? It’s in the book!

The Magic Of Viral Energy is the magic beyond magnetism and it gives you the tools to create a life of providence and ultimate fulfillment!


Special Features

In addition to including many inspiring, relatable, and sometimes funny true stories—M.O.V.E. offers fascinating original insight from some of the world’s top experts and doctors, such as:

  • Fred Alan Wolf, Quantum Physicist, author of Taking the Quantum Leap; recipient of the prestigious National Book Award for Science; cast from the film, What The Bleep Do We Know!?; cast from the film, The Secret 
  • Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley; Vice-Chair of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco; Editor, Psychological Bulletin; author of The Triple Bind: Saving Our Teenage Girls from Today’s Pressures 
  • David D. Burns, M.D., Adjunct Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the author of the bestselling books Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy and The Feeling Good Handbook
  • Mitch Prinstein, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of Clinical Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Psychology; Editor, Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology 
  • Gerald J. Haeffel, Department of Psychology, University of Notre Dame (studying contagious emotion)
  • Bradley Nelson, Renowned Holistic Physician and Lecturer, bestselling author of The Emotion Code
  • Miles Adcox, CEO, Onsite Workshops & Recovery Center, a frequent guest on  Phil, The Doctors20/20 and Good Morning America


Sample Chapters

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Publishing Details

Book Length

The manuscript is approximately 76,000 words. The book is organized into four parts, each containing four chapters, making 16 chapters in the book. For easy reading, chapters are further simplified into a total of 64 articles with catchy headlines.

Photographs And Illustrations

All of the book’s 64 articles include short true stories; few articles include a coordinating B&W sketch or diagram used when especially helpful to the reader in imagining a story or concept.

Status Of Manuscript

Completed and available for review through literary agent.

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What’s After The Magic?

All Is (Viral) Energy In Love And War

Book Two: All Is (Viral) Energy In Love And War explains “viral energy masses” or energetic tumors in our society created by the actions and intentions of communities, industries, cultural beliefs, fields of nature, and through massive pockets of love, hate, war, abuse, indifference, and compassion. This book sets forth a clear vision of where humanity’s spiritual evolution is going and how we can evolve.

While Book One, The Magic Of Viral Energy, deals with how you can utilize the knowledge of viral energy for a life of purpose and happiness, Book Two, opens up broader issues facing humanity that directly affect you and where we are heading as a species.