Seth Wisdom

This page is dedicated to the wisdom brought forward through conversation between Penelope Jean Hayes and the spirit energy Seth (channeled through Carole Serene) regarding healing planet Earth and the wisdom to do so.


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Carole Serene and Penelope
Carole Serene and Penelope Jean Hayes (September 14, 2019)

Carole Serene Borgens and Seth First Meeting (plus how we started working with Penelope Jean Hayes and the Viral Energy Institute):

“It appears now that the Spirit Energy, Seth, has been calling me since I was a child in school. How do I know this? When not listening well to the teacher, I spent time, ‘doodling’ in my notebook. My drawing didn’t take the form of stick men or dogs or houses, but rather neat columns filling the page with sideways figure 8’s, or as I know them now, Infinity signs. The connection is that the Infinity sign is Seth’s signature.

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Our first meeting came in the early 1990’s when I was studying all things metaphysical, practicing much of it, and hoping to learn “automatic writing.” My attempts were futile for a very long time and I would go on to other things such as past life regression, psychometry, intuitive readings and developing psychic abilities. When the automatic writing became a reality, I was kept busy with spirits wanting to communicate. I didn’t know to focus better and continued trying to help those earthbound entities find their way to the light. One evening while writing, the form and style changed and it was clear a different energy was with me – he introduced himself as Seth. I asked if he was “the” Seth, Jane Roberts (who channeled him years ago) Seth, and was told “yes.” Needless to say, I was anxious about this and why he found me. It soon became apparent when I was asked if I would agree to channel Seth as Jane Roberts had passed over and Seth had things he wanted to say, to reach out to our world. Jumping up from my chair and attempting to pace the office floor, not easy with 3 sleeping Irish Wolfhounds filling the carpet, I asked if I could take some time to respond, which I was given, and further asked, “ why me?” Seth responded, “You are new at this, you have no bad habits, and you will change none of my words.” Knowing the responsibility of agreeing, it took a week or more until I did, and together we have been writing and channeling for people and books ever since. Following our initial readings for Penelope Jean Hayes online, and knowing of her work and intentions for planetary healing, Seth expressed interest in contributing to the Viral Energy Institute (VEI) movement, so here we are.” —In love and light, Carole Serene Borgens


As Seth answers these questions (and more), the wisdom will be shared and utilized by the Viral Energy Institute to bring understanding and healing to the Earth and her population. This is an ongoing conversation.
The goal of the VEI is to share Seth’s wisdom about how we can heal Mother Earth, and to bring this wisdom to Earth’s population using our platform, community, publications, blog, speaking events, education modalities, and retreats. This communication between Penelope and Seth, channeled by Carole, is now being written into a book, titled Do Unto Earth.