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This page is a landing place to direct you to our platforms for the wisdom brought forward through conversation between Penelope Jean Hayes and the Spirit Energy Seth, channeled through Carole Serene, regarding healing Planet Earth and the wisdom to do so. Please visit these websites:

DO UNTO EARTH (book series)

We are now at the threshold of a life-changing decision and we are asked to be the change. Do Unto Earth is a call-to-action, a warning, a challenge, a prayer, and a message of healing to the world. Like ripples in a pond, Do Unto Earth will begin a wave of awareness to reach those who have yet to seriously consider the fate of our planet. Soon, this wave will become tidal.


The Viral Energy Institute was created as a response to readers of the book The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key to Happiness, Empowerment, and Purpose who asked for further understanding of “viral energy” and how it can be used for our greater happiness, empowerment, purpose-pursuit, and planetary healing, plus its applications to mindfulness, wellness, relationships, abundance, creativity, and expansion.


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