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Karmic Relationship or True Love? (Quiz!)

First of all, karma is not a bad thing and it’s not penance or punishment. Karma is not about learning a lesson, either.

Karma is exactly the same as your presence—the sum total of creation energy that your soul is being.

Karmic relationships are not a one-hit wonder like you would think of a “soulmate” as being your singular cosmic connection. Your soul has many mates. These souls journey as a system, not only for their individual soul agendas, but for a collective mission. Basically, they have business with each other. Their agreement is to bring light to the evolution of both souls. Often (but not always), this path to enlightenment is endeavored through circumstances that are challenging and that offer resistance. Your soul and the soul of the other knows that resistance can strengthen and reveal much about who we are and show us much about who we are choosing to become.

Separate from karmic love, a quantum entanglement is a different experience. This is when two (or more) energies share common realities, even across great distances of time and physical space. As far as romantic relationships go, some karmic lovers will be in your life for a period of time, until the work of both souls is complete. This may take several lifetimes, or it may come full circle in a single lifetime. Either way, as painful as it might be to be together (or apart), prior to both of your incarnations in this lifetime, your souls knowingly chose to experience a journey together. There are no mistakes or coincidences here, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship is “healthy” or “fulfilling,” it just means that your soul hasn’t yet evolved from the experience. It’s so important to understand that a bad or abusive relationship does not need to continue simply because your two souls may or may not be working through a growth process or path to enlightenment. Simply choose to complete your karma together and in doing so, the goal has been achieved: in that choice, you create your enlightenment.

But, guess what? Your soulmate is no myth. That beautiful, steady, genuine, lasting love that you dream of does exist. You will recognize true love by these three criteria of a soulmate:

  1. You and your mate never seek to overpower or undermine each other;
  2. You grow together (not stagnate, deflate, or outgrow each other) and your continued togetherness will fuel the evolution of your souls;
  3. Your relationship will be a secret to none and a beacon of light for all.

That is the formula for a true-love relationship. By those three criteria, you will recognize your soulmate.


You will have concerns and hesitations about your mate, sure. That’s normal. These might be sizeable challenges such as: he drinks too much; she’s deeply in debt; they are a nag about household stuff; he sometimes has a negative outlook on life; your religions are different; your families don’t get along; you don’t like his mom; you don’t even live in the same state (or country); you’re not sure if you share the same vision for the future; she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. While you might decide that these concerns are too much for you, none of these topics identifies if the other person is or is not your soulmate. Ironically, circumstances and experiences like these are ideal scenarios for greatly beneficial karmic loves as you stretch to meet in middle ground.

Maybe you’re dating someone and would like to get a sense of your future potential together. Or you are in a long-term relationship (even living together or engaged) and you’re still not sure if they are The One. Using the all-important “Three Criteria of A Soulmate,” here is a yes-or-no quiz to help you recognize your soul’s mate:

  1. Does the person with whom you are in a relationship promote your strengths and encourage you to become your best and Highest Self?
  2. While you’ve been in the relationship, have you consistently grown as an individual and feel a sense of forward movement in your life?
  3. When in public together, are you proud to be associated with the other person and are you eager to introduce them to others as your significant other?
  4. Do you feel confident that your mate is trustworthy and faithful?
  5. Are you supportive of the other person’s personal goals without any fear of losing them to their dreams?
  6. Rather than simply saying, “This is Jane,” does the person with whom you are in a relationship introduce you with a title such as, “This is my girlfriend, Jane,” or “Did you meet my partner, Jo?” or “I’d like you to meet my husband, Tom?” (There is one exception: they have forgotten the third party’s name and are simply trying to avoid a formal introduction.)
  7. Is your mate a jealous person in general or often jealous as it relates to you being around other people?
  8. Do you feel that you and your mate keep having the same fights or are locked in a cycle of hurt-regret-makeup with each other?
  9. Would you prefer that your old boyfriend (or girlfriend) not know that you are serious with your new boyfriend, because you would rather not hurt the former’s feelings?
  10. Have you noticed that before you were with your mate, you were truer to the real you, or simply freer to be you?

If you answered, “yes” to all of questions one through six, and you answered “no” to all of questions seven through ten, then the person you are with could be a true love, perhaps even your soul’s mate. Any other combination of answers points to a relationship that is serving a purpose for a time, yet maybe not forever. Tough love? Perhaps. But if what you want is to identify a healthy, mutually beneficial, and forward-evolving relationship, then you now have a clear guide. True love means not struggling for power with the other and not fighting for the upper hand. True love’s primary function and goal is to grow the spiritual evolution of the soul, helped along by the relationship or directly because of the relationship.

You have karma with anyone and everyone with whom you are journeying in your life. Karma is the currency of energy that you have earned and that you take with you in this life, and even before and after this life. Your soul’s true mate will be evident by how your two souls individually evolve as a supernatural function of your togetherness. And when you find it, you will experience the beauty and magic of love’s quantum entanglement.


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