Video Trailer Creation

Want your own awesome video trailer?

Do you have a book, course, product, or service to promote?

As you might have heard, before I became an author, television expert guest, motivational speaker, and founder of the Viral Energy Institute, I was a publicist to celebrities.

I built a wonderful business promoting actors and television personalities, authors, entrepreneurs, country music idols, and more. I met my favorite movie star Robert Redford; was invited to interviews at Good Morning America and E! News; directed and edited music videos and trailers; and I got to hang out in the “celebrity aquarium” while filming at ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

All that—and I gave up that career when I decided to follow my dreams and become a full-time author and speaker!

However, my mission today is to help others to become their best and highest self, and that sometimes involves drawing from my background as one of the top PR professionals. (#4 in the world on Ranker’s List of Famous PR Specialists, to be exact!)

In addition to my books The Magic of Viral Energy (available wherever books are sold) and Do Unto Earth (currently being written) and my speaking engagements and events, plus a robust agenda through the new Viral Energy Institute—I also have a team of marketing experts and promotional support to make all of the behind the scenes magic happen!

Keeping with our core values to support the vocations of others, my company—Do Unto Earth LLC—provides several products and services to help YOU make YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Now, we are creating promotional videos for you!

My company, Do Unto Earth LLC, is now making product-video-trailers and entertainment-commercials, not only for our purposes but for YOU too!

As examples of what we can produce for you—Check out the video book trailer below for The Magic of Viral Energy, and the promo video commercial for the Viral Energy Institute.


Do you need a promo video? (Psst, everybody needs one!)

Contact me if you would love a 2-minute video created for your: 

  • book trailer
  • service
  • product
  • small business
  • workshop
  • idea
  • brand
  • project
  • investor pitch
  • how-to
  • training
  • blog
  • overall platform to showcase your many interests, and more!   

Why 2-minutes, you ask?

Well, give or take about 30 seconds, that’s about all the time that people will spend watching. You don’t want to lose an engaged audience. Besides, everything important, inspiring, and actionable can and should be said concisely and within 2-minutes! It’s kind of like your elevator speech…but a lot better!

A moving picture is worth a million words!

So, why make your audience or customer guess what you do?

Now is the time to use the communication method that works best. People consume video content most because it’s FUN!

For your own 2-minute video trailer of your dreams, email me directly at  with “Video Trailer Creation” in the subject line.

Let’s SHOW them your product or service!

Let’s create your HERO STORY!