Viral Energy Institute

Viral Energy is a New Field of Study!

To further the understanding of viral energy and how it can be used for our greater happiness, empowerment, purpose-pursuit, and planetary healing, author Penelope Jean Hayes established the Viral Energy Institute.



The institute is dedicated to three unique purposes:

Coaching & Community

The Viral Energy Institute is a healing philosophy and community for those who are searching for deeper meaning, dealing with unhappiness or loss, and those who wish to supercharge their personal power and success in all areas of their life. Services include viral energy assessment; online courses and seminars; in-person group interactive talks on self-help; and one-on-one mentorship. The viral energy message and movement offers new-consciousness modalities for personal growth and the journey to true happiness and fulfillment.

Degree Programs & Courses

The Viral Energy Institute is a school for those who wish to understand and utilize viral energy wisdom and tools to help others create the life of their dreams. Upon completing a Higher-Self education in the study of viral energy, individuals receive a degree as a Viral Energy Coach or Viral Energy Researcher.

In addition to the degree program, individual classes are offered, such as:

  • Free Introductory Course
  • Learn How To Channel Your Higher-Self
  • Step-by-Step Osmotic-Energy-Balancing
  • Understanding the Seven Consciousness-Energy-Strata
  • Mu & You: The Relationship Between The Universe and You

Scientific Research

The Viral Energy Institute is dedicated to a new and evolutionary field of study to advance the enlightenment of the human species and our awakening to the contagious nature of energy and its impact on our personal happiness, Higher-Self development, interpersonal relationships, and global concerns. Researchers and students study viral energy as it impacts people and their relationships through interviews and questionnaires, case studies, and historical data, and then write research papers and blog their findings. Researchers and empaths study viral energy masses as they impact planet Earth: these are the light and dense energy “tumors” that exist on-large-scale over populations, communities, and industries, created through widespread and chronic light or heavy actions, practices, beliefs, and attitudes—all impacting the Earth energetically.

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The Viral Energy Institute is ramping up for our course curriculum offerings for Fall/Winter; in the meantime here is a FREE INTRO COURSE.


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