Viral Energy Institute

The Viral Energy Institute is dedicated to a new and evolutionary field of study to advance the enlightenment of the human species and our awakening to the contagious nature of energy and its impact on our personal happiness, Higher Self development, interpersonal relationships, and global concerns.

VEI is headquartered in Naples, Florida, where a number of programs are available as in-person training. Summer group retreats are held at our partner location in British Columbia, Canada, on the island of Gambier, off the coast of Vancouver.


Viral Energy as a New Field of Study

viralenology (noun)
vir·​al·​en·​ol·​o·​gy | \ vī-ˈräl-en-o-lə-jē \
Definition of viralenology:

  1. a branch of science, specifically metaphysics, that deals with the nature of viral energy
  2. a theory or philosophy describing the contagious nature of energy in social interaction, environments, planetary masses; for renewable energy sources; and intuitive communication

viralenologist (noun)

1. one who studies viral energy in social interaction, interpersonal communication, and for the betterment of individual relationships and personal development

2. a scientist or intuitive who studies viralenology in environments and as the causation of large planetary pockets or masses of enlightened or heavy/dense energy

3. one who studies viral energy for renewable energy sources

4. a channeler who accesses higher-stream-consciousness outside of their own knowledge, by way of the viral and osmotic nature of energy, through practices of osmotic-energy-balancing or cognitive meditation, in order to impart knowledge of species and planetary wellbeing



The institute is dedicated to three unique purposes:

1. Coaching & Community

The Viral Energy Institute is a healing philosophy and community for those who are searching for deeper meaning, dealing with unhappiness or loss, and those who wish to supercharge their personal power and success in all areas of their life. Services include viral energy assessment; online courses and seminars; in-person group interactive talks on self-help; and one-on-one mentorship. The viral energy message and movement offer new-consciousness modalities for personal growth and the journey to true happiness and fulfillment.

2. Courses, Retreats, and Degree Programs

The Viral Energy Institute is a school for those who wish to understand and utilize viral energy wisdom and tools to help others create the life of their dreams. Upon completing a Higher-Self education in the study of viral energy, individuals receive a degree as a Viral Energy Coach or Viral Energy Researcher.

3. Scientific Research

The Viral Energy Institute is dedicated to a new and evolutionary field of study to advance the enlightenment of the human species and our awakening to the contagious nature of energy and its impact on our personal happiness, Higher-Self development, interpersonal relationships, and global concerns. Researchers and students study viral energy as it impacts people and their relationships through interviews and questionnaires, case studies, and historical data, and then write research papers and blog their findings. Researchers and empaths study viral energy masses as they impact planet Earth: these are the light and dense energy “tumors” that exist on-large-scale over populations, communities, and industries, created through widespread and chronic light or heavy actions, practices, beliefs, and attitudes—all impacting the Earth energetically.

Among other topics of viral energy significance, the institute researches:

  • The potential of sound energy as the next big renewable energy source
  • Viral Energy Sickness (otherwise known as the common cold)
  • Light Energy Immersion Therapy
  • The 7 Strata of Consciousness-Energy
  • The cosmology of the universe, in particular, the universe’s exponential expansion through viral energy and how indeed energy can be created and is constantly being born into physicality
  • The practice of osmotic-energy-balancing: a new form of meditation for tapping into higher-stream-consciousness
  • Developing our innate sixth sense including telepathic communication, channeling Higher-Self wisdom, and sensing energy fields in others and in nature
  • The energetic origins of depression and how some types of “mental health crisis” may be more of a “spiritual health crisis” (the longing for deeper meaning and purpose)
  • The Energy Thirsty Cycle of Abuse (a cycle that devolves in an empty search for true empowerment)
  • The real possibility and exploration of teleportation to replace fossil fuel modes of transportation (it has already been done with particles, further search from the perspective of viralenology is needed)
  • Fully utilizing and accessing higher-consciousness through the tools of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water
  • Viral energy masses upon Earth (both light and heavy energy), created from light energy centers or vortexes, as well as, heavy energy tumors created through war between nations and religions and violence towards animals including the wholesale slaughter of farmed animals (these massive pockets of light and heavy energy are actually visible from space to those who are able to perceive energy)
  • The conscious-sharing of light viral energy to heal the world and planet
  • Global Viral Contemplation (GVC) on a singular question, quandary, or idea; followed by the recording of thoughts and solutions that are brought forward during the process and then further exploring their potential usefulness, efficacy, and outcomes. Our first global case study will be on Sunday, March 29th: The Viral Energy Institute in partnership with Good Deeds Day calls for a day of Global Viral Contemplation on the question—What can we do to heal planet Earth? (View Video Below)

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