Viral Energy Self-Assessment: Whatever You’re Marinading In Is The Fuel For All That You Create!

The level at which your energy resonates is everything about your being.

(You might like to read this blog post first: Watch Your Viral Energy, then continue…)

Before you self-assess where you are in terms of your quality of creation energy (the 10 question quiz is at the bottom of this article), let’s look at the Seven Consciousness-Energy Strata. By contemplating this, you will discover your own strata level.

Here are the names that I’ve given to the seven levels of energy, or you could say seven streams of personal power; and remember, all energy creates—and so, it should be very important for you to know where your energy lives and MOVEs!…

At the bottom is the stratum of “Hell.” This level creates the polluted energies of guilt, violence, separation, lostness, fear, illusion, and the material underworld. One layer above is the stratum of “Ignorance” and it creates in stagnation with energy-toxicity, being stuck, obsession, smallness, envy, selfishness, consistent drama, repeated failures, and powerlessness. Ascending next is the “Indifference” stratum that is characterized by discord, inner-struggle, judgment, hurt-regret pattern, criticism, disloyalty, jealousy, and self-loathing. Above that is the “Wanting” stratum and it includes worry, confusion, unfilfillment, conditional-relationships, impatience, boredom, achievement-driven behavior, dissatisfaction, and the beginnings of spiritual curiosity.

As we get lighter still, we reach the stratum of “Awareness.” (Notice the big jump in enlightenment from “Wanting” to “Awareness.”) “Awareness” offers forgiveness, seeking, purpose-pursuit, introspection, empathy, balance, and open-mindedness. As you enlighten further, you have access to the stratum of “Creation” and there you live with abundance, fulfillment, creativity, guardianship of life, authenticity, wonderment, and joy.

The soul’s ultimate consciousness-energy attainment is the stratum of “Heaven,” but this is not the same Heaven that we refer to when speaking about the afterlife. The consciousness-energy of “Heaven” is full enlightenment, and if attained in the physical form, it is Heaven on Earth. All souls—including you—will eventually reach Heaven, though not because this incarnation of your soul has passed from the physical lifetime, but because Heaven is the vibration to which all of Life is magnetized, remembers with, and returns to. For most souls, that journey to remembering takes many, many lifetimes. Yet, “most souls” is not all souls. For instance, Jesus Christ attained oneness with Heaven in a single physical lifetime. Indeed, He was divine. The Light energy vibration of fully united consciousness flows in the upper chamber of “Heaven”—souls “there” are no longer identified as beings, but rather as being.

(You got it—this is deep spiritual philosophy, but you’re hearing it because you’re looking for more and because you’re ready for more.)

Now, back to you and your vibrational stratum. I’m going to suggest that you are most likely on the cusp of two sequential strata, as you are either evolving (expanding), devolving (minimizing), or stagnating (turning off).

As you study the qualities and experiences as defined in each stratum, they might sound like emotions. While they overlap with emotion, the qualities and energies of presence are not emotions; they are purities of light and heavy (or dense) energy. Therefore, the consciousness-energy strata are different from the emotion spectrum (which is a range of emotions from hatred to joy and every feeling in between). Emotions can be situational and transient and luckily for you and me, emotion does not make up your presence. Unlike your presence, emotion can instantly change. For instance, you were happy but then you heard some bad news and now you’re sad. Some days I’m in a crabby mood or something unpleasant has happened to me, but luckily, I don’t have to worry about it knocking down my presence; it takes more than that. Emotions can be a byproduct of chronic exposure to the contagious creation energy with which you most often surround yourself. Remember, light energy creates light (from your Higher-Self) and heavy energy creates low. For this reason, emotions are found inside your consciousness-energy stratum—they are being created and contribute to creation.

But, get this—your presence is not the only creator in the energy field. Think about it: what and who is in the stratum with you?

Perhaps you recognize traits or experiences of some of the key people in your life within these strata. What’s their energy stratum? What have other people been bringing your way? If you have been experiencing a tremendous amount of energetic-toxicity from several people in your life (that’s an experience of the “Ignorance” Stratum), or a years-long hurt-regret-pattern with a family member (the “Indifference” Stratum), even though it is not your behavior or intention, you’re in the flow with those folks; your consciousness-energy stratum includes that experience. On this level, you’re getting tools and exercise equipment, but you’re not getting the flowers you want.

Let’s expand on that. You might have a family member who feeds off the negative energy of a hurt-regret-pattern with you. This is when they hurt you, then they regret it, then you feel empathy for them, then they hurt you again, and regret it again, confounding the relationship into absurdity. But why do they have access to hurt you? Oh, that’s an easy one—you’re in the same stratum with them, Silly.

However, now (finally) you can choose to step out of the flow. Move your energy lighter. Get out of the flow of the stuff that you no longer choose. Your parent, child, or sibling will still be just that and you will continue to have a relationship with them. They might indeed continue their hurt-regret-pattern with someone else; it just won’t be with you—once you awaken to the magic of viral energy.

Your energetic-presence is the fuel and power for all that you create and to which you have access. The energy that you are being—in the process of your spiritual evolution—is your presence. If you want to be in flow with a higher consciousness-energy stratum, be it.

Let’s do a quick audit of your presence. Where are you at with your dreams and goals? Write it down. From one to ten, where are you in relation to your dreams? One is “I haven’t yet taken the first step,” or “I don’t know what I want,” or “I’m a mess,” or “I just lost my dream—it slipped through my fingers.” And, ten is “I’m there. I’m living my dream.” Maybe, you are somewhere in the middle yet you feel you know how to get from here to there. Or, do you feel like you’re not even in the same neighborhood as your dreams, or that perhaps you’re on a different path to your dreams? (A different stratum layer, channel, or flow.) If you find that you’re not in the same place, space, or energy as your dreams and goals, then what can you do to get in the flow or oneness with them?

Look at the stratum of your goal. Check out the chart of the Seven Strata while thinking of your big goal or inspired dream. Where does it likely reside? What stratum is it? Now consider this: What type of experiences, people, influences, daily practices, mindsets, and soulsets are there in that stratum? And, in what stratum are you currently operating? Look at your surroundings, influences, experiences, attitudes, thoughts, and practices. Are all things around you, and all that you are currently creating, congruent with the creation-energy that would be found in the stratum where your dreams flow, move, and create?


You only create within your stratum. You only have access to the “stuff” in your stratum flow. All that is in your stratum flow (those energies) are the ingredients for all that you can create. Inside your stratum flow are the makings of a deconstructed recipe. You can create anything with those ingredients—(caveat) anything using just those ingredients!

So, you might want to be conscious of your presence and get in the flow of what you would love to do, be, and have. The level at which your energy resonates is everything about your being; it’s what you take in, give out, and what you then experience. Ponder this: Where is all the good stuff that you want? Where is your true love, paid fun, unobstructed health, inspired dreams, happiness, and pure creation energy? Oh yeah, you got it Baby—it’s up there! So, enlighten to it. You have the power.

Make your move.




After reading this you already have a good idea of where your own creation-energy flows, that is to say—the vibrational level of your personal power to create; the fuel for everything that you do and produce and experience.

If you’re still not sure, here are 10 questions that you can ask yourself to help you self-assess. Then, match your answers to the experiences and creations found on each level as per this article and the illustration of the MOVE Department Store.



1. What word would you use to describe your daily work environment and how you experience it most of the time? (It’s okay to pick two words.)

  • fulfilling
  • stressful
  • fun
  • dreadful
  • boring
  • inspiring
  • __________________ (pick your own word)


2. How do you feel and what do you experience most days and nights at home and around the person(s) that you live with?

  • tension
  • love/joy
  • supported/safe/at ease
  • stress
  • too busy
  • relaxed/at peace
  • __________________ (pick your own word)


3. Overall, if you had to pick just ONE word to describe your routine every day, which of these would be the most prominent experience/state?

  • busy
  • happy
  • wanting
  • alone
  • contented
  • searching
  • stressed
  • blissful
  • routine
  • fulfilled


4. Is there a person with whom you have daily conflict?

  • yes
  • no


5. Are you currently following your dreams and on the journey of one of your deepest soul’s vocations and what you believe is your life’s purpose?

  • yes
  • no
  • I have no idea what my purpose is and am not clear on my big dreams
  • I know what I’d like to do with my life and I’m figuring out how to start the journey


6. Do you feel that you have any control over your own wellness?

  • yes
  • no


7. In general, do you feel alone in life? (Go with your first gut reaction.)

  • yes
  • no


8. Are you often undermined by a friend or family member?

  • yes
  • no
  • I feel this way at least three times a year


9. Do you consciously mind (protect yourself from/step away from) the often HEAVY VIRAL ENERGY influences all around you, such as what you watch and absorb on TV, read in the news, and stew in when exposed to the complaints and gossiping of others (or your own gripes)? 

  • yes
  • no


10. Are you actively creating both home and work environments (LIFE environments!) filled with LIGHT VIRAL ENERGY, such as bringing in peaceful sensory factors like pleasant music, the scent of a candle that you love; or making daily meditation apart of your routine; or taking breaks to be still, or getting out to a park or around nature on a regular basis to re-set your light energy?

  • yes
  • no


Now, match your answers to the experiences and creations found on each level as per this article and the illustration of the MOVE Department Store. (Refer again to the MOVE Lift Panel illustration here.)

What level are you experiencing and creating on? (Keep in mind that you might be on the cusp between two strata.)

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Remember, whatever you are experiencing, whether you think that you are creating it or not, you are indeed on energetic level with...and therefore, these energies are the only energies that you have access to.


Want to know how?

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