The Magic of Viral Energy

The Magic of Viral Energy introduces the concept that energy has a contagious nature as it moves within social interactions and the environment around you. This title’s message is told through entertaining and enlightening true short stories that exemplify the ways in which energy—the stuff that creates—is both catchy and at work right now, creating your life the way you’re experiencing it.

The virality of energy, however, is only half of the magic. The other half is that while your energy field is distinct, it’s not autonomous. Your energy field is permeable (you’re holey) and it therefore takes on various energy purities that are at-large outside of your own selfhood. This happens not by the law of attraction, but by way of osmosis. Yes, osmosis! You are drawing from, contributing to, and creating with all of Life through the sharing of energy, and you do so consciously, intentionally, and osmotically.

The Magic of Viral Energy is not “the next Secret,” rather, The Magic of Viral Energy is what’s next. This title introduces the concept that everything in life has a permeable energy field and that in addition to “attracting” like-energy, we also “marinate” in various levels (or “strata”) of energy. These strata are unseen energy channels and are created in part by the people and stimuli around us. All of this sets our energetic presence. The magic is that the energy that you take on becomes your own energetic-presence and is responsible for the quality of your experiences, relationships, and your very happiness. The Magic of Viral Energy is the magic beyond karmic magnetism, and it gives you the tools to create a life of providence and ultimate fulfillment.

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The Magic of Viral Energy presents the concept of “viral energy” for the first time and highlights strategies that will make this phenomenon work in your favor. It will change the way you interact with others, improve how they respond to you, and give you the power to—at last—fulfill your dreams. Part prescriptive personal growth and part metaphysics, the message within The Magic of Viral Energy will leave you transformed and empowered with new and intrepid tools to supercharge your happiness, relationships, health, and passions, helping you to live a life of magic!